The Scrimshaw
and Oliver Family Genealogy Site


This site is devoted to the Genealogy and History of the Scrimshaw and Oliver surnames and its holders. Feel free to poke around.

While we have done much of this research ourselves and have made every effort to be accurate, we have included information from family members, so if you have any Scrimshaw or Oliver related information, corrections or suggestions please chime in and let us know!

Who we are

The Scrimshaw family tree has 2,062 individuals. Common surnames are: Buttinghausen, Dunnett, Miles, Moore, O'Herne, Scrimshaw, and Van Hogerlinden, among others.

The Oliver family tree has 1,762 individuals. Common surnames are: Brier, Hill, McNeil, Oliver, Paige, Redman, Rhodes, Ricklefs, Sharp, and Voris, among others.

Site layout

The navigation bar to the right is pretty self-explanatory. Information on the family tree of Lisa-Ann Oliver (nee Scrimshaw) is in the Scrimshaw family tree.

Information on the family tree of Robert E. Oliver is in the Oliver family tree.

We've managed to accumulate a bunch of genealogy information that isn't directly related to our family trees, and that can be found in the Misc. section.

We've linked to our favorite (and in our opinion, most useful) internet links, and hope that you find them handy.

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